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Black Stallion

is what my boyfriend calls my bike. Me? I can't bring myself to name it. Here are the only 2 good pictures that I have of my bike (aka motorcycle). So, yeah. Just felt like sharing this here for memories... Continue Reading →



DISCLAIMER: This post was actually written in May but I saved it as a draft instead. I'm finally posting it in July now. Hi! It's been roughly 2 months since I attained my riding license. A lot has been going... Continue Reading →

Day 2 of Phuket Trip 2016

Hey, So, here goes Day 2 of our Phuket Trip. We opted to go for the¬†Phang Nga Bay sunset dinner by cruise¬†(1300pm onwards) which means that we have some free time to ourselves before 1300pm. We decided to walk to... Continue Reading →

Day 1 of Phuket Trip 2016

Hey, So, here goes Day 1 of our Phuket Trip. We opted to take the first train to Changi Airport. The train was filled with more people than we expected and we reach Changi Airport later than I anticipated. We... Continue Reading →

Phuket Trip 2016 (31/10 – 4/11)

Hey, I just came back from a trip to Phuket last week. Thailand has yet to fail me when it comes to having a good time. For this 5D4N trip, I spent $550 (had to change $50 on the second... Continue Reading →

Late night thoughts about us

Hey, I felt that my first post for this new blog should be about my dearest Danial Durrani. I don't think I could ever find the words to properly express how much I love you & appreciate having you in... Continue Reading →

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