Every 3rd, 08:08

On the 3rd of every month is actually our monthsary ever since we got together in October 2010.

It doesn’t always have to be a fancy celebration; we’re happy to just have a simple date where we spend the whole day with each other having a meal together, exploring, relaxing and maybe even catch a movie or go for a walk in a park.

Today, we decided to grab breakfast at Marsiling. I had some really good mee soto while you had some mee rebus.

I know you have been wanting for us to have breakfast here for some time but I keep waking up or going out later than expected resulting in us changing our plans.

However, today is the day!

Afterwards, we made our was to Woodlands to tinker with my laptop but we came across some unexpected tech problems on my new laptop. You, being you, managed to troubleshoot and solve the issue in no time. You’re awesome sayang! 😀

We even managed to catch The Dark Tower movie. And damnnnn, maybe I should start reading the book series.

I had a really great day with you sayang. Here’s to more dates in the future (: I love you so much, Danial Durrani ❤



I’m back.

For now. Hopefully, for long.

Sometimes, I feel sad. Or was it unhappy? Numb? I don’t even know. I tend to just spew all my insecurities, worries, problems, ramblings onto my boyfriend without a second thought about how he might feel. I took advantage of the fact that he would not judge me for who I am, that he loves me regardless of what happens and that I can basically do no wrong towards him. He treats me like a queen.

And yet.

I hurt him. Not on purpose and I think that’s worse because I know that he deserves better. Can I be better? Can I give him the future that I think he deserves to have? I’m not sure. I don’t think I can but I want to try. I would hate to fail.

So, here goes nothing. Day 1 of a better me, a better us.

Late night thoughts about us



I felt that my first post for this new blog should be about my dearest Danial Durrani. I don’t think I could ever find the words to properly express how much I love you & appreciate having you in my life.


I love you sayang. Please don’t ever doubt or forget this.