Poppy Pops at JEM

Dan & I finally decided to pull the trigger and check out the new cafe located at the rooftop of JEM at Jurong East.

It’s called Poppy Pops and the shop has full length glass windows & doors so naturally, we got curious.

I took a quick glance at the menu and decided to just grab a popsicle for our first trip here. We got the Lemon & Blueberry popsicle!

Each popsicle comes with 1 topping and 1 coating. I chose fruity pebbles & white chocolate.

There was also the option to either drizzle the popsicle with white chocolate or coat half of it diagonally. I personally think drizzling it would have been a better option because coating it will actually make it a little harder to eat due to the coating sliding around as the ice cream melts when we’re eating it.

Overall, we would definitely come back here to try out the other popsicle flavours.

Total damage: $4.80