Let’s explore the whole of Singapore!

On 5th August 2017, my family and I decided to go on an outing on our motorbikes. We had no particular plan in mind. Just…. Maybe have a meal here and there, relax somewhere and check out Decathlon at Bedok.

Coincidentally, we travelled around Singapore, always taking the route closest to the water and skipping the centre.

From…. Yishun – Changi Village – Changi Beach Park – Decathlon (Bedok) – Mr Teh Tarik (near Joo Chiat Complex) and finally, Home.

I wish I could have more trips like this. It was definitely an eye-opener to see the other side of Singapore and to improve my riding skills.

I also found out that my riding skills are atrocious; u-turn without using any brakes, both legs on the ground whenever possible or scared, etc.

Challenge: Ride without putting my right leg down unnecessarily.

Hopefully, I’ll be a better rider before next March when I’m finally able to take up my class 2A license.

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