DISCLAIMER: This post was actually written in May but I saved it as a draft instead. I’m finally posting it in July now.


It’s been roughly 2 months since I attained my riding license. A lot has been going on and I have to say that the everyday is a learning experience for me.

At the start, I bought the Bajaj Pulsar 200 DTS-I. I got it at a really good price $2.5k for around 3 years COE left (1st 10 year COE at that too). I didn’t get the chance to try the bike before finalized the deal. On hindsight, I should have because it was too high and heavy for me. The 2B bike seemed like a 2A bike with it’s big tyres and build. As much as I loved the bike, I wasn’t able to handle it and with a heavy heart, I decided to let it go.

My father offered to switch bikes with me. Exactly a month after I got my license, I had the opportunity to ride another bike, the Honda CBR150R. Seeing how I didn’t really like the low handlebar posture of the sports bike and how I was too short for the Bajaj, my father helped to adjust the bike to my liking.

Within the short 2 months, I have… Dropped the Bajaj once.. Almost dropped the CBR as well as a stranger’s bike.. Broke off the CBR’s left mirror.. Learned how to change my engine oil.. Learned how to ride with a pillion more confidently.. Learned the importance of a raincoat as well as waterproof boots.. Learned how to ride on corners better.. Learned how to anticipate.. Learned from others’ mistakes.. Learned to not ride too fast.. Learned how to brake better.. Relearned how to make a u-turn.. Learned how to go to places.. Hehe, and more…

I still have a lot to learn about bike maintenance and I hope that maybe, someday, I don’t have to depend on my father too much. I feel a bit useless when I’m not sure how to do something or when I’m not able to do something because I’m not strong enough. ): But if other can do it, so can I. I’m looking forward to upgrading my 2B license to a 2A license.

Update: I got into an accident on 11th July 2017. It was a stupid mistake and I hope I that won’t get into anymore accidents.

I actually hit the car in front of me as I was entering the expressway because I was focusing more on my side mirror as I was preparing to lane change to the right. By the time I looked in front, I was too close to the car and tried my best to brake. I slammed into the car, fell to the right into the next lane and somehow, my ankle was trapped underneath the bike.

Thankfully, a few other motorists came to help. I got off with some bruises, a sprain ankle and a fear of riding (for a while… I’m riding again now but I am more careful and aware of my surroundings.).

BTW, I need to remind myself that my LTA inspection is coming up on 16th August.


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