Day 1 of Phuket Trip 2016


So, here goes Day 1 of our Phuket Trip. We opted to take the first train to Changi Airport. The train was filled with more people than we expected and we reach Changi Airport later than I anticipated. We quickly rushed to the check in counter after some hiccups and noticed that we could actually do a self check in! However, things soon went downhill as one of us couldn’t check in (we later found out that it was because his name was too long & he could only check in through the counter).

One of the Jetstar representatives (STEVEN) told him to queue at Counter 3, which was odd considering that we were supposed to check in at Counter 2. But we followed his instructions anyway because he should be familiar with the rules & SOP (standard operating procedures).

Suddenly, I heard another representative saying that it was the last call to check into our flight (to Phuket). I rushed to Danial to double check with him whether he should head to Counter 2 instead. But STEVEN told us to just stay in the queue at Counter 3. This should have been a major red flag but like I said before, he’s the one more familiar with the company’s SOP.

I decided to go into the departure hall with the rest so that we won’t miss our flight as we should be boarding the plane now & the gate was going to close soon. Just a few minutes later, I received a call from Danial saying that the check in is now close and he has “technically” missed his flight. IT WAS ALL STEVEN’S FAULT but he vehemently denied having said anything about telling Danial to queue at Counter 3 instead. What the hell? And now we have to leave one of us behind in Singapore, have him pay another $100 for a ticket on the next available flight which was at 2pm (6 hours from now). It’s not JUST a matter of money wasted but time too.

Danial has already filed a complaint and I hope we will be fairly compensated for this huge mess. I won’t be as naive anymore when it comes to flight matters. This should have never happened and it will never happen again.

The flight to Phuket was a very solemn and gloomy one. To add salt to the wound, the plane was half empty.

Anyway, we reached Phuket according to plan. I immediately bought a 3G Tourist sim card for 299 baht (around $12) valid for 7 days under TrueMove. It has unlimited internet for the first 1.5GB (after which it will be throttled) and 100 baht for calls & text (which I did not utilize at all).

I immediately contacted PPKK to let them know that we have reached Phuket as we had booked an airport transfer straight to our hotel prior to our trip. The driver was dressed in a bright blue shirt holding a board with my name stated on it. He was extremely friendly despite knowing very little English but I could tell that was trying hard to improve himself & maintain conversation with us.



On the way to the hotel, we stopped by a few places (a convenience store, a school with some nice scenery and Tiger Kingdom). I always look forward to convenience stores whenever I’m in Thailand. They have a wide range of selections to choose from and most of the items aren’t available where I am from so it’s always a unique experience every single time.

Finally, we reached iCheck Inn Patong at around 11. We checked into our rooms after putting in a deposit of 500 baht and getting our room keys (1 for each room).

Check out the sexy lighting! HAHAHAH~

It was already lunch time and some of us had yet to have a meal so we decided to head out to Jungceylon and check out what options we had for food.

I didn’t take much pictures but we finally settled on the Food Bazaar located at the Basement level of Jungceylon. In order to buy anything from the food court, you’ll have to buy a card and top up some value into it & use the card to pay.

Afterwards, we explored Jungceylon. At first I was surprised to see that it only had 3 floors considering that fact that the reviews online stated that Jungceylon is a shopping haven. However, it soon dawned upon me that it was a sprawling complex,  that was connected by a sheltered open area in the middle of the interconnected buildings. I went ahead and got myself my first Blizzard from Dairy Queen 😛

As you can see… I’m not very good at having my pictures taken but I very much enjoy taking pictures of others.

We walked around for a while before heading back to our hotel to meet Danial. Since his flight will reach Phuket at 4pm and the fastest way to our hotel was via taxi/van, I texted PPKK about the major hiccup we had in the morning and out of goodwill, they offered an airport transfer at a slightly discounted price considering the fact that we were not expecting anything to go wrong and it was only one person that needed the transport. I am extremely grated for their help.

Afterwards, we decided to head out again and explore Patong.

I dragged them to a roadside stall to try their first Banana Chocolate Roti! It’s always a must try for me in Thailand. Best eaten hot as soon as you get your hands on it.



After walking around so much, it was finally time for dinner. We chose to eat at The Sandwich Club.


It took quite a while for the food to be served but when it did, all of us got our orders at the same time (which was impressive considering that the food was still piping hot). I ordered number 14 (the hot beef sandwich with mushrooms & cheese). I highly recommend this place to those who will be visiting Patong (bonus: IT’S HALAL!).

And that, marks the end of Day 1 of our Phuket Trip. (:

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