Japanese crepes & French crepes

Asalamualaiikum & Hellows!

I recently added a person on Facebook who was selling crepes & many more. But what stood out were her crepes. People were raving about it & I kept thinking that it looks so soft & fluffy, like a pillow. Awww, here are some pictures of it! Check her out at her Facebook page! She’s from Singapore too btw~

Pink & brown Nutella crepes

Nutella & Banana crepes

Nutella & Banana crepe


There’s whipped cream, Nutella & half a banana in each of her soft, fluffy “Fresh Banana Nutella Crepe”. I love how she folded her crepes. I even tried working backwards to see how she folded it. Heee, I also like how flawless her crepes look. Omggg.

Then, I made myself go on the Internet & search for crepe recipes. It turns out, there are two types of crepes. The French crepe & the Japanese crepe. But os courfe, the crepe originated from France.

There are some (not major & definitely not many) differences between the French crepe & the Japanese crepe. For example, the Japanese crepe is considered a street food and is rather versatile (see the amount & combinations of fillings possible) while the French crepe is filled with gourmet ingredients. Also, the Japanese crepe tends to be more sweet & is more suitable as a dessert (or a snack maybe?) whereas the French crepe tends to be more savoury (maybe you could eat it as a meal?). I have yet to find more differences. Oh and, I think the French crepe is bigger in size & is usually rolled into a cone shape.

Watch this video of a how they make the Japanese crepe~

Sadly it doesn’t show you how they first spread the batter thinly. But wait, here’s another video ^^

Now. To find a recipe on how to make crepes! Basically, the crepe batter consists of Flour, Eggs, Milk, Oil or melted Butter, Salt & (optional: Sugar & Vanilla). You could check out @foodwishes, @laurainthekitchen, @allrecipes 01, @allrecipes 02, @everydayfoodvideos & @norecipes.


  • You can use a blender to mix everything up.
  • Leave the batter to rest for 1 hour (refrigerate?).
  • Butter/oil the pan evenly before pouring in the batter.
  • Spread the batter as thin as you can.
  • Cook the first side for roughly 2 mins & the underside for 30 secs?
  • Do not stack the crepes, they may stick to each other.

I will be trying out one of the recipes soon (some of the recipes are really similar such as: 1 cup flour) & I’ll update you with a blog post about it(:

You could also check out this & this.

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